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The PR requests are starting to roll in pretty regularly for the upcoming PMA show. I even got a phone call from Kodak today while I was giving a presentation. I’ve worked with PR firms before. In fact, I have even hired them to work for me. Seeing how poorly most of these meeting requests are formatted I can’t help but wonder whose standards are this low, the PR people, the clients or the press they are trying to reach.

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    Robert Donovan (a different one):

    Sounds explosive

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    Karen Thomas:

    The reason the Thomas PR PMA press note to schedule meetings is not descriptive is because we can’t reveal information ahead of time unless you under NDA.

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    Karen Thomas:

    Here’s the latest Thomas PR press alert going out tomorrow to PMA press. Since all our PMA client products are now announced (with the final release going out tomorrow), we can now give more info to schedule meetings (which we couldn’t do before). It’s important for us to honor client release embargo dates, so we can’t reveal too much info before the actual announcement.

    Thanks for your understanding-

    THOMAS PR CLIENTS AT PMA 2009, MARCH 3-5, 2009:

    ROCKETLIFE – Booth #D278 (South Hall – Lower) – introducing RocketLife Touch, new photo creation and merchandising products for the next-generation touch screen experience. Release: Info:

    UNIBIND: Booth #Q171 (South Hall – Upper) – introducing new Photos N Sounds, the first photo book with sound. Release: Info:

    DIGITAL FOCI – Booth #G286 (South Hall – Lower) – introducing new Photo Book, a portable digital photo album portfolio. Release: Info:

    Please tell me when’s good for you to meet?

    Contact to schedule press meetings:

    Karen Thomas /Bill Kouwenhoven


    Karen Thomas
    Thomas PR
    (631) 549-7575

    PMA Party List at:


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